Final Week – Let’s Win This!

Read the Obama Second Term Plan (Adobe PDF) or website – get the facts, use this in communication, calls and canvassing

Volunteer Opportunities for volunteer options local and in swing states and from home

What Can I Do To Help? Check out some easy yet vital things you can do

Check out “Boots on the Ground” – notes from our group volunteering in battleground states this final week of the campaign!

U. S. President Barack Obama

The integrity and vitality of our country are at stake.

Our purpose is simple:  To encourage and support each other to stand up for President Obama through actions and words.  We offer a place on the internet for information, resources and to increase awareness, to build a sense of community as we work toward the goal of reelecting the President.   We provide information and links to a variety of opportunities for making a difference in this work.

Fired Up! Get fired up watching video clips about Obama and his supporters

Getting registered to vote links to Maryland voter registration, and nationwide voter registration

Get The Facts Learn more about what Obama has done and will do when re-elected

Get the Apps! Links to mobile device apps so you can keep up to date with facts and events

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Shared stories from people who have boots on the ground—what we hear, see and experience